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Why did KissAnime shut down?

Hey fans, it’s a heartbreaking moment for all of us that the great anime site is KissAnime shut down. The site was famous in the hearts of anime fans for its popular free anime streaming, along with its manga counterpart, KissManga. This KissAnime shutdown wasn’t a sudden blackout, but the inevitable result of a long-running battle with copyright infringement.

Why was KissAnime banned?

The main reason that comes out of Kissanime’s downfall is that they offered free access to anime episodes without obtaining permission from licensing companies or from interested parties such as producers and so on. 

This therefore implies that they could not stream any content since there was no legal basis for them to do so because they did not have any contractual agreement with the people who owned the materials that they were broadcasting on their websites.

Is KissAnime closed forever?

As kissanime popularity grew, the legal pressure by the anime studio and organization started on them because of the copyrighting issue, and then it became more and more difficult for them to keep their operations running until they were forced to close them down altogether. 

At the same time, piracy has some ethical issues connected with it. 

KissAnime was to be considered to be doing more than just breaking the law; it was stopping the progress of the entire anime industry. So, in a way, by offering unauthorized content, they have to close forever.

While legal streaming services may involve subscriptions, they offer a safe, secure, and ethical way to access your favorite shows. The closure also highlights the need for a diverse range of content and accessible pricing within the legal streaming landscape.

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