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How did Tokyo revenger Kisaki Tetta become the leader of the Toman Gang?

Tokyo revenger Kisaki Tetta displayed amazing intellectual abilities and, through his intricate skill of manipulating others and setting up events, raised his rank to the leader of the Toman gang.

He is one of the most powerful figures in the anime. He commissioned Hinata Tachibana’s death and made sure Manjiro Sano’s path to the top was cleared in Manji Gang

The more Kisaki Tokyo Revengers revealed to an extent, the more it turned out that he was the foe who betrayed Mikey’s trust by in fact seeking to become an absolute ruler of his world. 

He deliberately played to internal power struggles, thus appointing himself as a leader by appealing to the appropriate political players and providing respectful direction for the dissatisfied members. 

Initially being persuaded at first, but then taking sides with Takemichi and Mikey, so he can be able to reform the gang. Kisaki, during the show, keeps on hunting power, and authority puts him as someone whom Toman can’t deal with alone; conflict and catastrophe are their usual victims.

Here’s the breakdown:

Kisaki’s Ambition: Chairman Kisaki was crazy about amassing power and dominance; he could have nothing to meet his demands. This hooligan was in pursuit of topping the delinquents table of who’s who, which, in other words, is the problem of female attention (yeap, I mean Hinata Tachibana).

His strategy of kudos was not even related to the constant showers of bullying behavior. He showed his skill in selecting a side to work with and using his brain to find the right gang to be with when coping with a situation.

Toman Infiltration: Lars accused Toman of ruthless cunning that did not only torment him till he got him under control, but until he guaranteed this tool to be nothing else but him.

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