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Who is a better fighter, Taiju Shiba or Mikey Sano Manjiro?

Taiju Shiba and Sano Manjiro (Mikey) are two of the strongest characters in the series “Tokyo Revengers.” . In the animation, he is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and has improved fighting skills and good leadership. He is popularly considered the best fighter in the series, with his opponents showing fear of him and his no-nonsense temperament.

Additionally, Taiju Shiba is also a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and is known for his strength and loyalty to his friends. Sy Paidye is a master fighter; however, he is not the one who is of the same power level as Meikee in the anime series.

Through the presented depiction of the characters in the movie “Tokyo Revengers,” Mikey is shown as stronger in fighting and more powerful than Keneda generally.

Hey, fellow anime lovers! If you’re hooked on “Tokyo Revengers” like us, you’re probably eager to settle the debate: Who’s the real powerful one, Taiju Shiba or Mikey (Sano Manjiro)? Let’s dig in!

What is the strength of Taiju Shiba’s?

Taiju Shiba was able to hold his own in the Tokyo Manji Gang. He proved himself to be a great fighter who was without a flaw, just like Mikey and his crew. He’s even stronger and sticks up for his mates, who look upon him for confidence, thus earning him loyalty in the gang.

What is the strength of Mikey’s Mighty?

Now, let’s talk about Mikey, the boss of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He’s not just powerful, but a literal explosion of power! Micesky has talents that’s no rival (he’s the best [of the best] in skyscraper rase) and a style of commanding repect. You can always tell when Mikey is around, as that is a sign that things are going to get very exciting.

Who is strongest fighter, between Taiju Shiba or Mikey Sano Manjiro?

In fact, the heavier class of Taiju makes a comparison to a middleweight against a heavyweight. Guess what? Taiju may have a superb physique, but the brain and brawn are equally present in the nature of Mikey. Each fight is like a chess game for Mikey, and he’s usually ahead of everyone.

The Final Verdict:

Is it the traditional media or the digital media that is the biggest force? Finally, when carded, Mikey will be the one who gets the girls. His natural power and his brilliant strategy make him the best in “Tokyo Revengers.” Question Mikey, and you are in trouble (and you will be on your own)!

Of course, Mikey’s one and only title can only be gained through his T-bat. Oh, yes, but both of these guys themselves add their own colors to this anime. The result: “Tokyo Revengers” is a must-watch for every fan.

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