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Who is stronger, Kazutora or Shuji Hanma in Tokyo Revengers?

Not sure. Who would win in a fight between Kazutora and Hanma?

As a huge Tokyo Retributors anime fan who just started dipping my toes into writing, here’s the Tokyo Retributors strongest characters between Kazutora and Hanma. 

Strength-wise, there’s no contest. Tokyo revenger Shuji Hanma reigns supreme. The dude’s a tank. We see him go toe-to-toe with Draken, one of the strongest of the Tokyo revenger characters, and take hits like a champ, but Kazutora, though no slouch, isn’t on that level.

How did Kazutora’s and Hanma fighting styles develop?

Tokyo revengers Hanma Raw Power:

  • He is considered one of Tokyo’s strongest characters.
  • He is Known for his incredible durability, he went toe-to-toe with Draken and also he is the vice leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and took some serious hits without going down.
  • His fighting style is brutal and relentless.

Tokyo revengers Kazutora’s Grit and Resilience:

  • He is a former founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, so he has experience in brawls.
  • After prison, he’s likely honed his fighting skills and become tougher.
  • He’s a wild card; his fighting is fueled by rage and desperation, making him unpredictable.

How do Kazutora and Hanma compare to other strong Tokyo Revengers characters like Mikey or Draken?

We already know that Hanma has a dynamite fist. But let’s say, what about comparing this one with each of Tokyo Revengers’rear headers like Mikey and Draken?

Mikey: Oh, my ye, Mikey is another terror. He is qualified as a prodigy having abnormal amount of strength, speed, and great fighting instinct along with has no human limits. While both Hanma and Kazutora know that it’s a mismatch, they are sure to go down fighting. Mikey was quite a free-kick specialist and it took not much of his energy to scale the wall of rivals.

Draken: Braken has stormed completely through the ranks. Although Hanma was able to lead Draken for a while, eventually the power and force of Draken was above him, which in a great way showed the level of experience which Draken has. Consequently, positive style of friendships in ‘Draken’ is opposed and negative style of friendships in ‘Hanma’ lies above the liquid line. Considering his Garyou, Kazutora would probably end up dead if a confrontation between him and Draken were to occur.

Here’s a quick ranking from strongest to weakest:

  1. Mikey
  2. Draken
  3. Hanma
  4. Kazutora

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